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Ten steps to Marketing to Gay Customers


1. Incorporate gay people into your mainstream campaigns - this reaches gay people, their friends and family, and ethical consumers who are guided by the behaviour of a business when choosing where to spend their money.

2. Research the needs and preferences of your lesbian, gay and bisexual consumers to identify opportunities for tailored products or services that will engage gay people with your wider business.

3. Consult with your gay staff network group, service users and community groups - these groups can work with marketing and product teams to help develop
communications strategies.

4. Consider your visuals. Gay people are young, old, male and female. Different approaches may be needed to reach all gay consumers. Tokenistic imagery or visuals that ambiguously try to appeal to gay consumers rather than being explicit about including gay people ring hollow.

5. Engage with gay communities by supporting and aligning yourself with local and national community groups and/or events.

6. Ensure you can deliver what you promise - businesses that pitch themselves as gay-friendly should be able to back this up. Make sure your frontline staff are trained to deliver an inclusive service and ensure your equalities policies equally apply to gay employees.

8. Senior leaders in the business should be engaged and on board with marketing initiatives targeted at gay consumers. They are key to ensuring all staff are on board and should be able to confidently discuss the marketing campaign internally and externally.

9. Measure success of outreach campaigns amongst gay consumers and use this to develop future initiatives. Respond robustly to any negative reactions to maintain the loyalty of gay consumers.

10. Stay consistent - businesses that invest in sustained relationships with gay consumers are more likely to be rewarded with a large market share.

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