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Career Development

This workplace guide equips organisations with the information they need to understand the specific career development needs of their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and how to respond to them. By highlighting examples of best practice, Stonewall research enables organisations to build reputation, improve performance and avoid risk.


The guide deals with the following topics:


Employers across Britain are increasingly aware that in an ever more competitive labour market, they have to offer the best possible opportunities to employees. This means understanding the needs and concerns of staff, and delivering opportunities to enable them to develop within an organisation. These employers also acknowledge the significant obstacles facing the career development of many lesbian, gay and bisexual employees. The best organisations are taking different and creative steps to retain and improve the skills and knowledge their lesbian and gay employees have to offer.

Gay staff can find it difficult to be themselves at work; the prospect of coming out to a new team often remains a deterrent to seeking promotion. Others may feel daunted by the arguably necessary task of networking in order to secure promotion or professional development.

There are currently no openly lesbian or gay people running FTSE 100 companies or government departments and there appears to be widespread under-representation of out lesbian and gay people in senior positions across a range of sectors. It's clear that organisations must start to take action now if new lesbian and gay employees are to make the optimum contribution to their place of work in their future careers.

Stonewall recognises that deciding how best to start supporting the career development of lesbian and gay employees can seem difficult. This is why we have produced this guide.

We're grateful to the Stonewall Diversity Champions featured for giving us their invaluable insights into how best to support the career development of their lesbian and gay employees.


Chief Executive, Stonewall

Click here to download a .pdf version of the guide.

This guide has been produced with the support of Morgan Stanley.

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