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Bullying: preventing the bullying and harassment of gay employees

Our third Workplace Guide is designed to equip organisations with the resources they need to understand the nature of anti-gay bullying and harassment, the legal obligation for employers and the impact this type of discrimination can have on individual staff members.  



The guide deals with the following topics:


 Employers are legally obliged to protect their employees from bullying and harassment. All staff have been further protected since 2003 from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

However, even in the most progressive workplaces, where anti-bullying policies and procedures may be clear and established, lesbian and gay staff may still face barriers when it comes to reporting homophobic bullying and harassment. Bullying which goes unchecked will have a negative impact on the wider organisation as well as on the individual.

In addition to being legally required, robust protection of gay staff from bullying and harassment benefits workplace relations, employee retention and an organisation's productivity and reputation.

Stonewall has produced this guide to illustrate practical and achievable ways in which anti-gay bullying can be prevented. It examines how organisations can discourage bullying and harassment of gay staff, and also how gay staff can be encouraged to report bullying if it does occur. We hope you find the guide helpful on both counts.

I would like to thank the Stonewall Diversity Champions who gave us invaluable insights into their processes for tackling anti-gay bullying and harassment. Their experience shows that we can all work towards preventing this harmful practice.


Chief Executive, Stonewall

Click here to download a .pdf version of the guide.

This guide has been produced with the support of UBS.

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