Homophobic bullying

Homophobic bullying causes permanent damage to young people and blights the schools and colleges where it takes place. Making all young people - regardless of their sexuality - feel included and valued is a major opportunity for the educational system to transform the lives of a significant number of pupils and students.

Homophobic / heterosexist bullying can affect all children in school, and indeed teachers, parents and governors. Children can be bullied whether they are affirmed in their identity as lesbian, gay or bisexual, questioning their sexuality, or because someone thinks they may be LGB.

Straight pupils can also be bullied because someone thinks they are LGB.  They can be 'bullied' into picking on LGB students to 'prove' that they, themselves, are straight.  This homophobic & heterosexist bullying affects the whole school culture, and the way we all develop as adult citizens.

In 2005 Stonewall Cymru launched Education for All in Wales, a campaign to ensure that access to education is not limited by a person's sexual orientation, and that schools and education systems can deal appropriately with homophobia and homophobic bullying. Stonewall Cymru works with a broad-based coalition of organisations, including the Welsh Assembly, local authorities, voluntary and community organisations and LGB and youth groups to develop a Wales-wide action plan to tackle this problem.

For more information about how you can challenge homophobic bullying in Wales visit our Education for All section.

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