School Champions

Stonewall Cymru’s School Champions programme is part of Stonewall’s Education for All campaign and provides tailored support and guidance to primary and secondary schools in challenging homophobic bullying and celebrating difference.
Schools which are part of the programme work with us and each other to address homophobic bullying and promote a safe and inclusive learning environment for all children and young people.

Key benefits of being a School Champion

  • Unique benchmarking tool to assist your school in prioritising work around tackling and challenging homophobic bullying and language
  • Named Stonewall Cymru point of contact for support and guidance
  • Free pack of Stonewall Cymru’s acclaimed resources to start your anti-homophobic bullying work in your school
  • Discounted Continuing Professional Development. The discounted rate is £150 + VAT for ½ day and £250 + VAT for whole day
  • Free access to our good practice seminars to hear and share best practice and receive presentations from Stonewall on the latest Education Guides
  • Priority and discounted registration for Stonewall’s annual Education for All and Workplace conferences
  • Regular updates from us and other members including e-bulletins and early access to groundbreaking school resources, Stonewall research and good practice guides
  • Networking opportunities with other school staff from across the country engaged in this work
  • Joint branding including exclusive use of the Stonewall Cymru School Champions logo for internal and external communications
  • Discounted access to Stonewall’s Authentic Leadership Programmes
  • One free advertisement on Stonewall's Proud Employers job site

Why join the School Champions programme?

  • Estyn has issued guidance.  It states that children and young people at risk of homophobic bullying have additional learning needs which form part of a child or young person’s general wellbeing.  These will be inspected through a number of key questions and schools will have to provide evidence of how they prevent and tackle such forms of bullying and discrimination.
  • Schools have a duty to protect all students. Nine in ten secondary school teachers and more than two in five primary school teachers say pupils, regardless of their sexual orientation, experience homophobic bullying, name calling or harassment. Those affected include boys who apply themselves academically, girls who ‘behave like boys’, pupils with gay parents, and often anyone simply seen as different.
  • New changes in the law require schools to take proactive action. The Equality Act 2010 introduced for the first time a duty on schools requiring them actively to tackle issues such as homophobic bullying and the protection of those who might experience it. Being part of the programme will help you to comply with the Act.
  • The government has prioritised tackling homophobic bullying. The 2011 Welsh Government Respecting Others Anti-bullying guidance highlights the issue of homophobic bullying.  It states that “Schools need to take an active approach to tackling all forms of bullying, including homophobic bullying. Schools should be taking action to prevent bullying behaviour, as well as responding to incidents when they occur. A preventative approach to bullying means that schools safeguard the welfare of their learners, which schools have a duty to do so under Section 175 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006. It also means that schools are playing their part to create a society in which people treat each other with respect”.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does homophobic bullying impact on young people’s achievement, attainment and attendance?

Stonewall’s The School Report, researching the experiences of more than 1,100 secondary school pupils, found that seven out of ten gay pupils who had experienced homophobic bullying said this had an impact on their school work. Half of those who had experienced homophobic bullying had skipped school more than six times.

How do we access whole staff training?

Being a member of Stonewall Cymru’s School Champions programme enables you to receive high quality whole staff training at a discounted rate. The training includes how to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying and homophobic language and how to talk about different families and lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the curriculum.
We want to find out about how to include lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the curriculum and how to talk about different families; what resources are available?
Our resources for secondary schools include our feature length DVD FIT which is a perfect way to talk about sexual orientation and homophobic bullying along with Oh No Not The Gay Thing, which outlines lesson ideas on how to include sexual orientation across the curriculum. Our Different Families materials will enable you to talk about all types of different families, including those with lesbian, gay or bisexual family members, in an age appropriate way in primary schools.


Membership of the programme is £200 + VAT per year for secondary schools, secondary academies, secondary independent schools and secondary free schools and £100 + VAT per year for primary schools, primary academies, and primary independent schools.


Joining the School Champions programme is very easy. Simply complete the application form below and submit it. Our Finance team will then process your membership payment and a member of the Education team will contact you to schedule your initial meeting.

School Champions Application Form


If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team before applying please email or telephone 02920 237767

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