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"Sometimes they say ... you know everybody's got a dad, he must be dead, or something. I say no, he is not dead. Well he's not there, he's never been there. All I've got is a donor dad and sometimes I get teased by them calling my dad a donor dad, donut dad."
Mark, 8 years old

Two in five primary school teachers tell us that they see homophobic bullying in their schools. Children use homophobic language – not always understanding what it means – to be mean to other children. Children come from a variety of different backgrounds and children may have gay siblings, uncles, god parents, or parents. Celebrating and acknowledging different families is crucial to enable children to learn how to value those who are different or come from different backgrounds and families.


FREE is a ground-breaking film for primary school students, from Rikki Beadle-Blair, that conveys a powerful message about difference, diversity and respect. The film follows the stories of four children as they explore family, friendship and what it means to be yourself.  FREE directly challenges homophobic bullying and language and shows the importance of celebrating difference. 

Visit to watch FREE and access free resources and games for pupils too.  

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Different families 

Stonewall's Different Families report found that children with lesbian or gay parents don't think of their family as anything out of the ordinary. It is only when they realise that other children think of their family as unusual or different and use the word ‘gay’ to mean something is bad or inferior, that they become self-conscious about the fact that they have two dads or that their mother is a lesbian. They also start to realise that their family isn’t reflected in the curriculum. It doesn't have to be difficult to be inclusive in your teaching and to prepare children for life in a diverse society. Stonewall's Including Different Families guide provides information on how to address gay and lesbian issues in the classroom. Read more 

Homophobic bullying 

With many primary teachers not talking inclusively about different families and lesbian, gay and bisexual people, it isn't suprising that homophobic bullying and homophobic language are prevalent in many primary schools. Stonewall's 2009 research The School Report shows that more than two in five primary school teachers (44 per cent) say children experience homophobic bullying in their schools. However, nine out of ten primary school teachers have never received any specific training on how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying. Read more 


Stonewall research clearly shows the need for the Education for All campaign to include primary schools. Having successfullly worked with secondary schools since 2005, we are now working with primary schools and support them in talking about and celebrate different families and to prevent homophobic bullying. If you would like to order further resources click here


Schools have the duty to ensure homophobic bullying is dealt with and that under the new Single Equality Act and Public Sector Duties they also have to advance equality and foster good relations. It is furthermore illegal to  discriminate against someone because they have lesbian or gay parents. Teachers and other school staff are protected by legislation against discrimination and harassment on grounds of sexual orientation. Read more 

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