Get involved in Anti-Bullying Week - at school

There are lots of ways the whole school community can get involved in anti-bullying week. Here are some ideas for primary, secondary schools and colleges, as well as students.

Secondary schools and colleges

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  • Hold a screening of 'FIT' - Stonewall's feature-length film

FIT features a group of young people dealing with everything from coming out to fitting in - against a backdrop where the wrong trainers or liking dance can be 'gay'. Why not hold a screening at your school or college and encourage students to talk about homophobic bullying? Order your copy of FIT here.

  • Display Stonewall Cymru's 'Some people are gay. get over it!' materials

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Order Stonewall Cymru's acclaimed resources - including the iconic 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' posters. These are designed to help schools and colleges raise awareness of homophobic bullying and Stonewall Cymru research shows that where these resources are used, students feel more able to be themselves. Click here to order your resources.

Primary schools

  • Use Stonewall Cymru's 'Different families' resources

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Make use of Stonewall Cymru's popular primary school posters and postcards. You can use sticker sheets to help children to talk about difference and different types of families. Also ask children to draw pictures of their own families! Click here to order yours today.



There are so many things you can do during Anti-Bullying Week in your own school or college. Read our Education for All Campaign guide for examples of successful campaigns led by young people. And here are some more ideas: 

  • Ask your school to become a Stonewall Cymru School Champion 

Stonewall Cymru's School Champions programme supports schools in preventing and tackling homophobic bullying, as well as celebrating difference. If your school isn't already part of the programme, talk to a teacher today!

  • Hold a fun event to raise funds and awareness for Stonewall Cymru

Show your true colours - ask your classmates to donate £1 to Stonewall for a Non-Uniform Day or Fancy Dress Day. Why not try an Anti-bullying themed day, such as Heroes? 


Great British Bake Sale - hold a cake sale to raise money for Stonewall Cymru. Try baking Stonewall Cymru star-shaped cakes and biscuits or challenge each other to come up with your own anti-bullying themed treats. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Star Cookies

Vanilla Cupcakes 

How to make a star-shaped cake without a star-shaped tin 


Dance away discrimination - set up a Pay-to-Play disco at lunchtime and charge fellow students £1 to play their favourite song. Stonewall Cymru supporters have told us their favourite songs are: Beautiful - Christina Aguilera, Firework - Katy Perry, Born this way - Lady Gaga and Standing in the way of control, Gossip.


Please let us know if we can help you prepare for any anti-bullying activities! Contact Luke  on or 02920 237744 and we can provide you with collection tins, posters, stickers and balloons.



Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get the whole school community involved - together we can make a stand against homophobic bullying!


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