Spotlight on… Cardiff Lions RFC


Cardiff Lions RFC are Wales' only gay friendly rugby club.  Founded in 2004 on St David's Day, the Lions have been celebrating after becoming the Union Cup Plate Winners 2013.  We spoke to their Chairman, Marc Griffiths.

Why did you set up the team?

Cardiff  Lions  Rugby Football Club was set up in answer to a need at the time for an inclusive and safe place for like-minded men of the same sexuality and love of the sport to come together. The effect was, of course two fold. First and foremost it created a place where men, regardless of sexuality (there are heterosexual men that play for us) join together in the traditions of the game and play as well as secondly creating a sporting social aspect that encourages friendship and team cohesion exactly the same as any other side would.

What do you offer that a ‘mainstream’ club doesn’t?

As a matter of fact nothing. From a rugby point of view, however as stated the  inclusiveness of the side leads men to join that haven't necessarily played the game before or guys returning to the game allowing for a wide range of players of all different levels.

What does the future hold for Cardiff Lions?

The next eighteen months will be an exciting time for Cardiff Lions RFC. With a team that is stronger than it has ever been there are a number of avenues to look down. We will continue to recruit and develop our squad so that we can contest the two main competitions within the IGRAB (International Gay Rugby Association and Board) world, of which we are the current Union Cup  Plate holders. As well as already started to look to August 2014 and our trip to Sydney Australia for the Bingham Cup. We are also looking into the prospect of joining the Cardiff district league for more regular fixtures to help the development of the squad.


How can people get involved?

We train once a week, unless in preparation for a competition. Training locations are split between Sophia Gardens during the summer and then at our home which is Cardiff High School Old Boys Club at Whitchurch. Get in touch with us by finding us on Facebook and Twitter, or emailing

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