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Report to the Police as early as possible - if the incident has just happened the police may find evidence easier than if it happened days ago

Write your own notes of the incident soon after it happened - include the date and time and the exact words and actions used, and keep it safe

Get the contact details of any potential witness - their perspective of an incident is often the critical factor for the Crown Prosecution Service. In a direct conflict of evidence the defendant is entitled to the benefit of the doubt and the burden of proof rests on the Prosecution

Check your Police Statement carefully before signing - take your time, and do not be afraid to add or amend, to ensure that your complaint is properly and fully recorded, in your own words

Use the opportunity to provide a Victim Personal Statement and describe the impact that the incident has had on your life. Express your feelings if you are distressed and feel vulnerable or fearful in pursuing your complaint, this additional information will be taken into account by the Crown Prosecution Service

Contact your landlord if the offence took place in social housing accommodation - landlords have a duty of care to their residents and can work in partnership with the police and other agencies to take action for breach of tenancy against a tenant offender.
Click here for more information on Hate Crime and the Registered Social Landlords ASB Forum in Wales.

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