Welsh Statistics of Reporting and Successful Cases

National figures on homophobic incidents are not collected by the Home Office however, from 2006 Stonewall Cymru has been requesting the four Welsh Police forces and Crown Prosecution Service areas to provide their data on Homophobic Hate Crime.

Click here for Welsh Statistics of reporting and successful cases 2006-2011 calendar years.

Click here for Statistics of homophobic hate crime reporting to Welsh Police in  2011-06 calendar years.

Click here for Statistics of homophobic defendant  by CPS in Wales in  2011-06 calendar years.


When reading these statistics it is important to note that:

  • the Police data is of total crimed and non-crimed recordings, so both the reportings of homophobic incidents that were taken no further because of lack of evidence etc and those that led to the Crown Prosecution Service taking the case forward are in these totals
  • sometimes a homophobic hate crime has been recorded in one year by the Police but not taken to court until the following year
  • it is also possible that both homophobic and transphobic hate crimes have been counted.
  • Wales lesbian, gay and bisexual population is approximately 200,000

The Police total figures for years 2006 – 2008 show little increase of reports of homophobic hate crime to the Police. The totals in each Police force area remain fairly constant.

The Crown Prosecution Service total figures for years 2006 – 2008 show a steady increase of successful homophobic defendant prosecutions.  The 2008 figures of successful prosecutions show a 100% increase over 2 years from 2006.

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