Reporting Homophobic Hate crime

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What is hate crime?

Hate crime is any incident committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offenders’s hatred of people who are seen as being different. This difference could be a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or gender.

Why should I report homophobic hate crime?

Homophobic hate crime hurts. It can be confusing and frightening and may happen again. By reporting it, you may be able to prevent these crimes from happening again to you or someone else.

Don't be afraid to report any homophobic abuse you receive to the Police - what you tell them will be dealt with sensitively and professionally. All four Police forces across Wales in Dyfed Powys, Gwent, North Wales and South Wales treat hate crime seriously and their officers are trained to treat all people with respect and dignity.

But if you don't feel able to speak directly to the Police then you can fill out a Self-Reporting Form, or contact a support agency such as Victim Support ( who will help you, even if you do not report to the Police.

How can I report homophobic hate crime?

You can report to the Police all homophobic incidents eg: verbal abuse, spitting, offensive graffiti as well as criminal offences in two ways:

Contact the Police directly – by phoning your local Police force or by phoning 999 if the crime is in progress or there is an emergency.

Complete a Self-reporting Incident Form – these Forms can be found in public places and can be completed either anonymously or with contact details.

Self-Reporting Incident Form

The Self Reporting Incident Form allows you as the victim, witness, parent, carer or any concerned person to report an incident to the Police without speaking directly to a Police officer. You have the option of giving as little or as much personal information as you wish.

If you complete the form anonymously the Police will use the information to identify patterns in an area. If you give your details the Police will contact you to investigate the incident and this could lead to the prosecution of the offender.

Reporting directly to the Police

The Police will:

  • Make a record of the incident  
  • Record your witness statement
  • Investigate to see if there is sufficient evidence
  • Interview any suspects 
  • Inform you of decisions by Police and by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to charge a person or not
  • Keep you updated on how the case is progressing.

Police forces make referrals of victims of crime to Victim Support and so you will be contacted by Victim Support staff to offer support. 

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