Brief overview of Stonewall Cymru

Stonewall Cymru is the all-Wales Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual (LGB) Charity.  Our aim is to achieve equality for LGB people at home, at school and at work. 

Established in 2003 with support from the Welsh Government and Stonewall GB, our work is tailored to the needs of LGB people across Wales and draws upon a wealth of research from Stonewall across Britain.

At home

Stonewall Cymru continues to advise the Welsh Government through lobbying, research and consultation with the LGB community.  Recent successes included the inclusion of sexual orientation within the Wales Specific Duties (part of the Equality Act 2010)

We continue to work with the Police and other criminal justice agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service to encourage the reporting of homophobic hate crime; making Wales a safer place for LGB people. 

Recently, we have partnered with Victim Support Cymru to create the ‘It’s No Joke Project’.  A confidential service for the victims of homophobic hate crime

At school 

90% of young people hear homophobic language in schools.  Stonewall continues to work, through our Education for All Campaign, to create inclusive learning environments for young people. 

We have recently produced a number of materials for teachers including ‘FIT’, a feature film adaptation of our play for schools, as well as useful guidance on issues such as challenging homophobic language in the classroom. 

At work 

Our research shows that ‘people perform better in the workplace when they can be themselves’. Our Diversity Champions programme recognises this and through it we work with employers to create working environments where LGB people can truly be themselves.  Our programme works with around 600 employers from across GB. 

In Wales our members include National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Council and Sport Wales
You can help us make a difference through volunteeringsupporting or donating. 

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