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Customers, clients and service users - delivering services to LGB people

LGB consumer spend is estimated to be worth between £70-81 billion in Britain alone, with three out of five LGB consumers more likely to buy products and services from an organisation if they think that they are gay-friendly.

This session features case studies from public and private sector organisations on how they tailor their products and services to the LGB consumer or service user, how they market these to LGB people and cement their position as an LGB inclusive organisation.

Learning outcomes

Speakers at this session:

Genesis Housing

(Innovation sessions are for organisations which have been part of the Diversity Champions programme for more than three years and provide an opportunity to share best practice and new ideas and innovation from leading Diversity Champions.)

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Friday 11 April 2014
Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary

'People perform better when
they can be themselves'



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