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Procurement and supplier engagement - how to ensure your suppliers reflect your values

There are many factors for an organisation to consider when choosing a supplier to deliver goods or services on its behalf. Equality might not be the first consideration that comes to mind. However, the procurement process is an ideal opportunity to advance equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people – do your suppliers hold the same values as your organisation?

This session will provide you with the tools for embedding LGB equality into your supply chain, ensuring your suppliers’ values match those of your organisation and making every area of your business LGB inclusive.

Learning outcomes

Speakers at this session:

State Street
Medway Council

(Practical sessions are typically workshops involving faciliated activities and discussions around the main issues. They offer practical top tips for you to take away and implement in your organisation.)

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Friday 11 April 2014
Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary

'People perform better when
they can be themselves'



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