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How to deliver LGB-inclusive training

Our latest research guide Gay in Britain identified that in the last five years 2.4 million people of working age said they had witnessed verbal homophobic bullying at work. While most people are not homophobic, many are simply unaware that flippant remarks and office ‘banter’ may be preventing a colleague from being open about who they are.

The best organisations understand the need to educate staff about the particular issues that may affect their lesbian, gay and bisexual colleagues. Their efforts demonstrate that training staff on sexual orientation plays a key role in transforming attitudes and creating workplaces that are welcoming.

This session is for public and private sector organisations looking to ensure their diversity training is LGB-inclusive. It will explore how top performing organisations target different audiences to ensure their staff have the skills needed to be effective in their roles. 

Learning outcomes

Speakers at this session:

Lexis Nexis
Bury Council

(Practical sessions are typically workshops involving faciliated activities and discussions around the main issues.They offer practical top tips for you to take away and implement in your organisation.)

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Friday 11 April 2014
Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary

'People perform better when
they can be themselves'



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