LGB role model

Craig Stephenson, National Assembly for Wales

Having visible, openly gay role models brings a range of benefits to an organisation and its staff, regardless of where they sit in an organisation.

At The National Assembly for Wales (NAW), Craig Stephenson is the Principal Private Secretary to the Presiding Officer and acts as a visible role model for LGB staff and an active advocate for LGB equality both inside the organisation and in the wider community. He co-founded OUT-NAW, the Assembly’s LGBT staff network, and actively promotes LGB equality to managers, staff and network members.

At NAW, Craig has been instrumental in writing material on LGB issues for line managers, including guidance to help them support LGB staff. Craig also works with colleagues across the organisation to ensure that NAW is represented at LGBT events,
such as the Cardiff-Wales Mardi Gras.

Craig works with external staff networks to share best practice, including sharing NAW’s LGB-inclusive dignity at work and domestic abuse policies. He was until recently the national representative for LGBT equality at the FDA union, which represents senior public servants. He has also communicated LGB issues nationally, promoting the Assembly’s gay-friendly culture in an interview with BBC Radio Wales.

Furthermore, Craig was instrumental in developing Step Up Cymru, the NAW mentoring scheme that enables people from under-represented groups to be mentored by either a local councillor or an Assembly Member. A number of participants on the scheme were LGB and benefited by increasing their knowledge of elected representatives and becoming more active citizens. As part of the scheme, gay mentees met with the leader of Cardiff Council to discuss potential barriers to LGB people standing as elected representatives. Craig has used his experience of this scheme, and his training as a coach and mentor, to develop an internal mentoring scheme for LGB staff and their managers at NAW.