Network group leading career development

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young recognises the important role its LGB employees play in running, resourcing and maintaining their successful LGB employee network group – Ernst & Young’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Network (EYGLES). As a result, EYGLES leadership team members include a network group goal in their annual performance review processes.

Ernst & Young also has a Values Award system to provide on-the-spot extra awards for any staff members who demonstrate a strong commitment to living the firm’s values, including supporting diversity and inclusion ideals such as LGB equality. These awards are also recognised during the end-of year-reviews.

EYGLES not only actively supports the development of its members through representing their interests and providing internal and external opportunities that are formally recognised by Ernst & Young’s performance management process, but it also gives its members exposure to inspirational leaders who are helping to shape the wider LGB inclusiveness agenda.

Each year EYGLES sends a member of its leadership team to the Stonewall Leadership Programme. The group also sends delegates to the ‘Out & Equal’ conference in the USA and has on a number of occasions fielded members to speak at the Stonewall Workplace Conference.

The network has also been supporting Ernst & Young’s lead in the area of inclusive leadership, both externally and internally. EYGLES, for example, co-hosted an event with Beth Brooke (a member of Ernst & Young’s global board and the firm’s most senior openly gay role model) on that topic. The group also hosted a panel discussion on inclusive leadership at the Royal Society of Arts and has piloted a similarly themed workshop for the firm’s talent pipeline.