Staff attitude surveys


Engaged employees are vital to the success of any organisation. When results from the 2009 employee opinion survey indicated significantly lower satisfaction scores from LGB colleagues within Barclays Retail Business Banking Technology (RBBT), the executive team agreed the need for a specific programme to address the issue.

Anthony Watson, Chief Information Officer, Europe Retail and Business Banking, led the programme and helped design innovative interventions that would inform, inspire and
influence change across the business.

This initiative involved a unique survey that captured feedback from both LGB and heterosexual colleagues on attitudes and perceptions towards sexual orientation. Results indicated that a lack of awareness, rather than intolerance, was driving the
workplace culture. The programme also included an interactive awareness-raising event for LGB and non-LGB staff. Round-table discussions provided a platform for open debate and personal stories connecting sexual orientation to professional performance, to drive home the business case message.

The results have shaped Retail Business Banking’ 2011 strategic agenda, where the focus will continue to be on engaging non-LGB staff around issues facing their LGB colleagues, and enabling the whole workforce to be informed about sexual orientation.

Measurements show that both LGB representation and engagement at GRBT have already been positively influenced by the programme. Feedback showed that some colleagues have chosen to disclose their LGB status for the first time, demonstrating a changing workplace culture. This reinforces Retail Business Banking’s plans to lead the field in creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity.