Case Studies - LGB Community Engagement

Progressive employers recognise that being forward-thinking on lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) equality is not only crucial in the labour market – LGB people are also consumers and service users, representing a market estimated to be worth £70–81 billion per year in Britain alone. For many LGB people – and the wider population – an organisation’s attitude towards the LGB community is just as important as its behaviour as an employer.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group has a diverse group of customers and recognises that to serve them well they must understand them well. RBS puts great emphasis on its collaboration with employees, charities and community organisations, to help identify and respond to the specific needs of the LGBT community.

RBS supports one of the largest LGBT employee led networks in the UK, Rainbow. This is a 1600-strong global network of colleagues working to strengthen understanding of the experience of LGBT employees and customers alike and is sponsored by one of the most senior executives in the Group.

In their recent advertising campaigns RBS made a clear commitment to its gay customers and the wider community. This campaign was inspired by the feedback from LGBT colleagues from the Rainbow network – a really positive example of LGBT staff helping shape the approach of a business. RBS is also a long-standing supporter of Pride, has partnered Stonewall on a number of initiatives and sponsors Diversity Role Models and Out on the Street.