Case Study - Staff Training and Development

Training is a valuable tool in raising awareness of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) issues in the workplace, and should be aimed at all staff. Successful training will equip staff to foster an inclusive working environment and reinforce the message that they do
not need to tolerate discrimination of any kind.

North Wales Police takes active efforts to ensure that LGB staff are represented in career development opportunities by closely monitoring the uptake and completion of learning by sexual orientation. Information collected through this exercise is analysed and used to identify existing barriers and develop an action plan to address them.

Recognising that monitoring exercises may not capture data from all LGB employees, North Wales Police promotes career development opportunities to the force’s LGB&T Network Enfys. The Force Diversity Unit also works in partnership with Enfys to provide a number of career development sessions for its members, including peer support and mentoring.

Specific LGB&T programmes are also available to staff. Key members of Enfys are trained to mentor and coach LGB&T staff through a force-wide scheme. Mentors are profiled and publicised both within the network and across the force. In addition, the force runs a separate reverse mentoring scheme called ‘A Day in Your Shoes’ which has provided a number of Enfys members with improved knowledge on areas of work that may be of professional interest to them.

Measures are in place to ensure that staff contributions to staff network activities are recognised and rewarded. The chair of Enfys provides appraisals for members of the network that perform formal duties during the reporting period, thereby encouraging participation.