Stonewall NHS Leadership Programme 2011

Encouraging talent and innovation in lesbian, gay and bisexual staff

On 28 and 29 March 2011 Stonewall ran the first NHS Leadership programme specifically for lesbian, gay and bisexual people working in the NHS. Click on the images below to hear their experiences of the Leadership programme.


Maeve Abhi


The Stonewall NHS Leadership programme is the first of its kind in England. The programme is for lesbian, gay and bisexual leaders and potentials leaders within the NHS. Applications are invited from clinicians, managerial and other personnel who are considering leadership opportunities in the NHS. In line with the Equality Act 2010 the Leadership programme offers an opportunity to provide targeted leadership support to lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

The programme is an intensive two-day residential where delegates are challenged to articulate who they are as leaders, how they could step up as leaders, improve their productivity and the productivity of people who work with and for them. The programme will help ensure that the health service has lesbian, gay and bisexual leaders in key positions who can inspire others, and leaders at the point of care who can innovate to improve patient services and assure quality. 

Stonewall have clearly demonstrated that people perform better when they can be themselves. We believe that it is crucial to give lesbian, gay and bisexual leaders the space to explore how their sexual orientation can impact on their ability to be innovative and lead within the NHS.


Georgina Nacachi Silveira Clare Dieppe


How do we know this approach works?

Stonewall has significant experience of running leadership programmes for staff. Stonewall's annual Leadership Programme sees applications - both from private and public employers - increase year-on-year and is regularly over subscribed. The 2010 programme saw over 2 applications for every 1 place on the programme. Participants in the programme give excellent feedback with the 99% of participants saying the programme is excellent or very good.
“I feel extremely privileged to have been selected to attend and to have been a part of the course, it has enabled me to unpick what a leader really is and how I can obtain that position by using all of my positive attributes including my sexual orientation to move forward”
Helen Lushpenko - Brown, Ward Manager, Nottingham University Hospital

“The course has been well constructed and delivered. It has taught me to be comfortable about my sexuality and to use this new found comfort in a positive way to help others as an authentic leader”
Geoffrey Walker, Matron for Medical Services, Poole University NHS Foundation Trust

“The co-coaching was a very powerful opportunity to test out and explore things in safety. The small groups were a great place to share together at a level that I possibly have never done before.”
Andrew Howorth, Head of Involvement and Engagement, Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“Coming on the course once again makes me realise how difficult it can be to be yourself and how vitally important it is to be a leader. This is the first course I have been on where I genuinely feel sad it is over- I’ve met some really great and inspiring people.” 
H.R., Specialist Registrar

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