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Stonewall Leadership exists to accelerate the development of equal workplaces by enabling talented lesbian, gay and bisexual professionals to transform their individual and organisational leadership. 

Noel Cochrane Maeve Malley Sheldon Mills

Working with gay leaders and allies - through our open programmes and completely customised work for individual clients - we support Stonewall's vision of an equal Britain by accelerating the development of sexual orientation equality in the workplace.

What does Stonewall Leadership do?

Since 2005, Stonewall Leadership has been involved in personal and career development of over 250 lesbian, gay and bisexual professionals.

  • We expertly support the career and personal development of individual gay leaders
  • We provide thought leadership on authenticity and inclusive leadership
  • We help to create and support a growing network of influential Stonewall Leaders across all sector to be visible, effective role models
  • We work with organisations to help them create a workplace context, inclusive of sexual orientation, where authentic leaders emerge at all levels

What does our work look like?

To find out how Stonewall Leadership can work with you or your organisation please contact Simon on 0207 593 3461 or at leadership@stonewall.org.uk

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