Stonewall's Leadership Outcomes

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The approach of Stonewall Leadership aims to first enable individuals to transform their own leadership. As a consequence, self-improved individual leadership has yielded common medium-to-long term organisational returns.

A four-year evaluation of the impact of the work Stonewall Leadership since 2008 tells us that:

Individuals who participate in Stonewall Leadership programmes report:

  • Improved confidence to transform their own leadership
  • Greater feelings of assertiveness and self-belief
  • Intrinsic clarity about personal career and development drivers
  • Motivation to become visible and influential role models for colleagues
  • Self-driven career progress, including vertical promotion

Employers that enable staff to work with Stonewall Leadership benefit from:

  • The development of diverse talent at senior levels
  • More effective leadership from more of the talent in their organisation
  • Accelerated achievement of sexual orientation equality through more effective leadership e.g. LGBT Role Models Programmes, in-house leadership work
  • The influence of authentic role models on colleagues and clients

“I knew there was something holding me back, but didn't understand exactly what that was. The leadership course has helped me to understand that where I have come from has been a massive factor in my self-confidence and career. The programme has helped me redefine what I want, what I need and how I am going to get it.”

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