What are the outputs I can deliver to the organisation through the Diversity Champions programme?

• People perform better when they can be themselves. Stonewall’s Peak Performance research highlights the benefits to productivity of an open, inclusive culture. Productivity is about ideas, energy and connectivity as part of the knowledge economy – in short, it’s about people!

• Recruitment and retention gains: In the battle for talent make sure you are attracting diverse talent and not losing people because of a negative workplace culture. To compete in diverse markets and to provide a top quality service to your customers or service users you need to have diversity reflected in your workforce.

 Diversity networking is business networking: With 600 members across a range of sectors and businesses, our events and the Diversity Champions programme provides exclusive networking opportunities.  Network groups are increasingly bringing the LGB perspective to businesses so that the business is better placed to understand and meet the needs of LGB clients. LGB network events are being opened to clients to provide high quality, engaging client interfacing opportunities.

• Reputation: If diversity is a key value in your organisation’s brand the Diversity Champions programme can help you strengthen and position that brand through association with Stonewall - a recognised and respected organisation.