We are going through change at present which includes redundancy as well as a recruitment freeze. With that in mind do I really need to promote the organisation as an LGB friendly employer?

• Redundancies: This is a difficult time for employees and it is all the more important that minority groups believe that they will be treated fairly by maintaining your work on diversity. It is also important to ensure that redundancies and change do not adversely affect particular groups of staff more than others.

• Post redundancies: With a consistent track record on equality and diversity, when recruitment starts up again you will be in a better position to attract the best people.

• Loss of key people: Working on equality should not be the responsibility of one key person, so ensure that work is core business and continues regardless of who is or is not in post.

• Pace of change: At times of economic difficulties, you may slow down your work eg, hold fewer high profile events. However it is important to maintain a minimum standard and we would say that being a Stonewall Diversity Champion is part of that minimum standard along with supporting your LGB network group.

• Senior team are not committed: If you struggle to get senior staff to buy into the Diversity Champions programme, Stonewall senior staff will be happy to engage directly with your senior managers.