Public Sector Equality Duty Case Studies


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Land Registry: staff sexual orientation monitoring

The Land Registry set an equality objective to drive a culture of inclusion and respect within the organisation and improve engagement with staff with protected characteristics. To achieve this, the Registry focused on improving sexual orientation declaration rates.

The Registry started a campaign to help achieve its objective. This included sending communications to key internal stakeholders outlining the aims and benefits of the project and what they could do to encourage staff to submit personal data. Additionally, the HR Director emailed all employees to encourage declaration which coincided with a news article on their intranet. At a later date the Head of Diversity sent targeted emails to all employees who hadn’t declared.

During the campaign, diversity champions promoted the declaration project using various methods. They displayed Stonewall’s What’s It Got To Do With You? booklet and posters in local offices to encourage declaration. Diversity champions were also given a breakdown of declaration rates per office to show progress and incite some healthy competition.

To date, the project has seen an increase in declaration rates for sexual orientation to 56 per cent of the workforce. 


Land Registry: stakeholder and community engagement

Following the agreement of Land Registry’s equality objectives, the LGB network group identified that the organisation needed to engage with lesbian, gay and bisexual customers in order to meet these objectives.
With Board sponsorship, the network helped develop an online questionnaire focusing on services and areas where they themselves might have issues as LGB consumers, such as trusting data security and personal details. They worked closely with different teams across the business, advising on questions, themes and subjects for display material. For example, tying in 150 years of the Registry with an LGB timeline, they featured events that would resonate with the LGB community.

The LGB network asked other network groups from the Civil Service Rainbow Alliance to publicise the questionnaire amongst their memberships, to maximise returns. A mix of volunteers from the wider business and the network group represented Land Registry at Pride and publicised the questionnaire, while raising the profile of the organisation within the LGB community. Responses to the questionnaire from LGB customers were largely positive. There was also a marked increase in engagement of the Registry’s lesbian, gay and bisexual employees as a result of this public outreach work and their presence at Pride.