Employment Tribunal Fees

From 29th July 2013 new rules apply to Employment Tribunals which includes the introduction of fees.

Fees will apply to claims issued to the Employment Tribunal, and appeals logged with the Employment Appeals Tribunal, after 29th July. If you issued an appeal after this date, regardless of when you logged your original tribunal claim, the fees will apply.

A claim for a tribunal hearing will be turned down if a fee is not included with your initial ET1 form.

The Fees

Employment Tribunal Fees are divided into two levels, and greater detail on these can be found on the Employment Tribunals website. Any claim for discrimination, harassment, unfair dismissal or victimisation will be covered under Type B. As these cases are often more complicated the fees for them are higher.

The initial fee, payable at submission of a claim, for Type B issues is £250. A further £950 is payable should the claim reach hearing stage.

Employment Appeals Tribunals fees, for all claims, are £400 at submission and a further £1,200 at hearing stage.

It is possible to apply for a reduction or an exemption in fees if your household income is below a certain level or if, at the time you issue the claim or appeal you are receiving certain benefits.

Leigh Day Solicitors have produced a detailed guide on fees and how to submit a claim to the Employment Tribunal. You can down that guide here.