What the law says

Schools have the duty to prevent and tackle all forms of bullying, including homophobic bullying and they cannot discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation against a student or teacher.

New Government legislation means that schools have to be proactive in preventing homophobic bullying and make all children and young people feel included. The Public Duty requires all public bodies, including schools and academies, to eradicate discrimination, advance equality and foster good relations - this means preventing and tackling homophobic bullying and language and talking about different families in school.

Education and Inspections Act 2006
Teachers have a legal duty to ensure homophobic bullying is dealt with in schools. Under the Education and Inspections Act 2006 head teachers must, with the advice and guidance of governors and the assistance of school staff, identify and implement measures to promote good behaviour, respect for others and self discipline amongst pupils and to prevent all forms of bullying.

Single Equality Act 2010 and Public Duty
The Single Equality Act and the Public Duty mean that schools and other public bodies have to be more proactive and to go beyond non-discrimination by advancing equality. 


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