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Youth services play an important role in every community – providing young people with support; advice about their current lives and future pathways; the chance to develop skills and to make friends.

Some local areas have a youth group especially for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. These groups are a vital resource for gay young people, giving them access to information and support that they are not able to get anywhere else. Like all young people though, gay young people will also join youth groups based on their hobbies and interests – this will include things like sports teams, after school clubs, dance classes, environmental projects, volunteering opportunities and holiday courses. Every type of group, service or club for young people could have gay young people who want to join or who already have.

Stonewall has produced an online guide for staff working directly with young people, like youth workers and group leaders.  It explains what a gay-friendly youth service looks like and how staff can make sure their youth group or other youth service is welcoming and safe for any gay young people who get involved.

The guide includes:

• FAQ about working with gay young people
• A checklist tool to measure how gay-friendly your service already is
• Suggestions on how to use Stonewall resources to make your service more gay-friendly
• Simple flowchart guides to: monitoring the sexual orientation of service users; responding to homophobic language; how to respond when a young person comes out

You can download the guide here


 Everyone is included


If you have any questions about how to make your service for young people gay-friendly contact Stonewall’s Youth Engagement Officer, Laurie Oliva: 020 7593 1882.


School Champions logoDo you know a school which needs support in tackling homophobic bullying and celebrating difference? Find out about Stonewall's School Champions programme.


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