Case studies

In this section you will find personal accounts of people who have experienced homophobic bullying. Their stories illustrate how important it is to prevent and challenge it. 

Young Voices

  • Michael  is 16 years old and lives in Hertfordshire.  Michael was not supported by his school when he came out.  He suffers from insomnia as a result of the bullying and has contemplated suicide.

  • Holly is 17 years old and lives in Hampshire.  Holly came out in Year 8 and found that some friends were supportive but others weren't. As a consequence of the bullying Holly truanted from school and pretended to be ill to get away from it.

  • Tim  is 21 years old and lives in Leicestershire.  Tim was bullied for 5 years, as a result now suffers from panic attacks and anxiety.  The faith school that he attended were not supportive and often told him that he was to blame.

For more young voices, read The School Report and The Teachers' Report and learn about the experiences of young gay people in Britain's schools.

Parents and carers

  • Philip's mum Jane talks about her son's journey through the education system and offers the parent's perspective on homophobic bullying. 

Teachers and school staff

  • Tony  , a secondary school teacher, shares his experience of coming out as a gay man. 


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