Free! Different families cards for Mother's Day - Sunday 15 March

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Stonewall has produced free greetings cards for Mother's Day to be sent by people with two mummies, or anyone who wants to show their support for same-sex parents.

The cards are part of Stonewall’s ground-breaking Education for All campaign; the cards have been devised to ensure all different families are celebrated – at home and at school. For more information about our different families work, please click here. 

Alice, 7, was interviewed for research conducted by the University of Cambridge and Stonewall and has two gay mums. She says of her family: ‘Everybody loves each other in my family and we always care for each other and watch out for each other.’

There are also cards available for Fathers’ Day (21 June) and a postcard showing many different types of families with the slogan “Different Families, Same Love” which would be suitable for almost any type of family.

You can get a maximum of 5 free cards per person. To order yours email with your delivery address and the designs and quanities you would like.

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