Get involved with LGBT History Month - at school

Why celebrate LGBT History Month?

Click here to find out more about our research and how LGBT History Month can help lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils at school.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways the whole school can get involved in LGBT History Month. Here are some of our ideas for schools, colleges and students:

Download our ideas for LGBT History month 2014 activities here or visit our shop to order an LGBT History Month pack full of goodies (free to School Champions).

  • Become a School Champion
    School Champs

Stonewall's School Champions programme supports schools in preventing and tackling homophobic bullying, as well as celebrating difference. Benefits of joining the programme include:

  • Role model visits for LGBT History Month - Our high profile school visits are exclusive to our members and have included Sir Ian McKellen, Lance Corporal James Wharton, Layton Williams and individuals from a range of organisations.
  • Get training during LGBT History Month - Receive high quality bespoke training for your staff from Stonewall's education team.
  • Stonewall Homophobic bullying Assembly template for the month - Our presentation template has been designed to help teachers deliver their own assemblies on tackling homophobic bullying and include comprehensive teacher notes.

If your school isn't already part of the programme, click here for more information or sign up today!

  • Get a Stonewall LGBT History Month resource pack

We offer fantastic resources to help schools celebrate LGBT History Month. Our schools pack contains materials to help teachers and students tackle homophobic language and bullying. Click here to order yours today! (Free to School Champions) 


The pack includes:

  • 30 'Gay, Get Over It' posters
  • 5 Gay. Get Over It! pocket sized guides for pupils on how to challenge homophobic language
  • Tackling Homophobic Language Teachers' guide 
  • LGBT History Month Quiz
  • Education for All Youth Campaign guide
  • The School Report - Lesbian, gay and bisexual young people's experiences of homophobic bullying
  • 10 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' posters
  • 10 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' postcards
  • 25 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' stickers


Click here to order a pack or contact the Education team for your free pack if you're already a School Champion ( or 0207 593 1850).

  • Hold a fun event to raise funds and awareness for Stonewall

There are lots of fun ways you can raise funds to help support our work to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying. You could take our fun quiz, have a onesie day, hold a 'Scone-wall' afternoon tea party or hold a schoo disco / karaoke*!  


Find out more by downloading our fundraising ideas - LGBT History Month for schools or ordering a resource pack here.


Please let us know if we can help you prepare for your LGBT History Month activities. Contact or phone 0207 593 1850 to speak to a member of the education team.


* We've put together a playlist for LGBT History Month! See it here 


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