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What an exciting week for gay equality… First we have IDAHO on Friday 17 May, then we have Eurovision on Saturday 18 – in all its sparkly camp glory!

We’re using both IDAHO and Eurovision to talk about our international work securing equal rights for gay people all over the world. In Britain, we enjoy almost full legal equality but globally it’s a different story. In over 78 countries across the world it’s illegal to be gay and it’s also illegal to be a lesbian in 49.

We’d love your support this week to raise awareness around our international work and also to help us raise vital funds:

  • £10 helps us translate our iconic ‘Some People are Gay. Get Over It!’ slogan into a different language which activists can use all over the world
  • £15 allows us to send a pack of our resources to any activist group campaigning for gay equality in their country
  • £50 allows us to hold a training day with a group of international LGB activists in our offices

Here are our top 3 ways to get involved:

Please contact Reiko on 020 7593 1875 or at if you have any questions.

We hope you’ll join in the celebrations!

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