Questions to ask when choosing a school

With greater choice over which school you send your son or daughter to, you can pick a school which has an ethos that you agree with. Here are some questions you can ask of schools to ensure they’ll create a supportive learning environment for your children.

  • Are you a Stonewall School Champion?
  • Do you have an anti-bullying policy which specifically mentions homophobic bullying?
  • How is the school’s stance on homophobic bullying/use of language communicated to pupils?
  • What is your procedure for responding to homophobic bullying?
  • Are staff given training as part of their continuous professional development around different families and ways to make sure that the children of gay parents are supported/included?
  • Are you aware of children within the school who have same-sex parents?
  • Do you stock books which look at a range of different families?
  • How do you include different families such as same sex families in your curriculum?
  • Do you include same-sex relationships as part of sex and relationship education?
  • Do you have openly gay, lesbian or bisexual members of your governing board or staff?
  • Do you display posters or other materials around school which celebrate difference, including sexual orientation, in a positive light?

Click here to read more about our school champions programme.

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