What you can do - at home

There are lots of ways that you can support our work with different families.

  • Celebrating Difference books

tango makes three

Take a look at the wide range of books which include different families. These 'alternative fairytales' help to introduce young people to the diversity of family life in a fun and age appropriate way. Booksellers Blackwell's are currently running a special promotion of the books and you can order yours here.

  • Talk to your child’s school about our School Champions scheme

School Champs

Stonewall’s School Champions programme provides 1:1 support and advice to schools to help them create a safe, welcoming learning environment for all young people. As a school champion your child’s school will have access to a range of Stonewall’s acclaimed age appropriate 'Different Families' primary school resources such as training DVDs, education guides and posters. Find out more about the scheme.

  • Become a Friend of Stonewall

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Through making a monthly contribution of as little as £5 per month you can support the Stonewall Celebrating Difference campaign and gain access to exclusive resources such as our Friends' magazine. Click here to find out more.

  • Fundraise for Stonewall

Download a fundraising pack for ideas on how you can fundraise for Stonewall.

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