Tackling homophobic language

              Tackling Homophobia

• 99 per cent of gay young people report hearing phrases such as that’s so gay and you’re so gay in school

• 95 per cent of secondary school teachers and 75 per cent of primary school teachers hear young people using this homophobic language

• 84 per cent of gay young people say that they are distressed when they hear young people using homophobic language

The School Report (2012) found that homophobic language is endemic in Britain’s schools and has a devastating impact on young people’s self-esteem. The majority of school staff tell us that they don’t always intervene when they hear homophobic language, not because they don’t want to, but because they lack the confidence to do so.

This guide provides teachers and school leaders with straightforward, practical ways to prevent and tackle homophobic language, drawing on the experiences of schools, local authorities and academy trusts who are leading the way on this work across the country.

Download Tackling Homophobic Language here 

To find out about Stonewall's guide for pupils on tackling homophobic language click here

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