Gay. Get Over It!


• Fed up of hearing your classmates saying ‘that’s so gay’?
• Want to know how to stop them saying it?
• This guide will help you to help them get over it!

99 per cent of gay young people say that they hear phrases such as ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘you’re so gay’ in their school. This use of gay to mean rubbish upsets gay young people, and can lead to other pupils thinking it’s OK to bully other people who they think or know might be gay.

This pocket sized guide is designed to help young people challenge their peers’ use of homophobic language. In 10 easy steps it tells young people what they can say to stop homophobic language, why they should be doing it and where they can go for further support. To read more about Stonewall's campaign, click here. 

 Download  Gay. Get over it! a Pupils' guide here.

 Click here to download our ebook version*

*this resource will not work on Kindle products.  

Find out about Stonewall's guide for teachers on tackling homophobic language here.

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