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'Since it is never mentioned it makes it impossible to mention, except in a negative light which people seem to find really easy.’ Mike, 17

Stonewall has developed a range of innovative resources and a School Champions programme to help primary schools celebrate difference and talk about all different families.This exceptional value-for-money programme helps primary schools celebrate difference and prevent homophobic bullying for only £150 + VAT a year. For more information about the programme, and our Train the Trainer courses, please click here. 

front originalChildren grow up in many different kinds of families. Some live with their mum and dad, some are adopted, others have two mums or two dads. The Teachers' Report (2014) found that seven in ten primary school teachers hear children use the phrases 'that's so gay' or 'you're so gay' and almost half of primary school teachers say pupils in their school have experienced homophobic bullying. Fear of bullying can stop children from talking about their families and from doing what they enjoy.


All schools have a legal obligation to respond to homophobic bullying and by celebrating difference they can prevent it from happening in the first place. 

DVDs and guides

Download copies or order hard copies of Stonewall's resources and materials here. 

  • FREE - a feature film for primary schools 

FREE is a ground-breaking film for primary school pupils that conveys a powerful message about difference, diversity and respect. Designed in conjunction with a panel of leading primary school teachers, this age-appropriate film builds on Stonewall's acclaimed Different Families campaign, and has been specifically designed to complement schools' Key Stage 2 Personal Health and Social Education (PSHE) curriculums.

Visit to watch FREE and access free resources and games for pupils too. 

  • Celebrating Difference - training DVD for primary school staff

A resource to provide primary school staff with the confidence to talk about and celebrate different families, as well as tackle issues like homophobic language in an age appropriate way. Read more

  • Celebrating Difference Cornerstone

A cornerstone document outlining why homophobic bullying is an issue in primary schools, what it looks like and how to prevent it by celebrating difference and different families. Read more and download

  • Primary Best Practice Guide

How primary schools are celebrating difference and tackling homophobia. Read more and download

For a full list of practical guides for primary and secondary school staff around issues of including different families in class, challenging homophobic language, working with faith communities and more, please click here. 

Research reports

  • Different Families

Based on interviews with 82 children of lesbian, gay and bisexual parents this report provides ground-breaking insights into the existence of homophobia in Britain's schools, including primary schools. Read more and download

  • The Teachers' Report (2014)

Based on a survey with over 1,800 staff from primary and secondary schools on their perspective on homophobic bullying in Britain's primary and secondary schools (2014). Read more and download 

Teaching and awareness raising resources 

  • Different Families - Same LoveDFSL 1

Sticker sheets as creative writing stimulus or rewards  
Different Families cards and Mother's and Father's Day cards

Colourful, age appropriate resources for display in classrooms, corridors and as teaching materials. Read more and order

View children's pictures around the theme of different families.

  • Primary schools lesson plans

A selection of example lesson plans for Key Stages 1 and 2 to allow pupils to talk about different families and difference more generally in school. Read more and download 

  • Celebrating Difference resource packs

comprehensive pack with a selection of resources for primary school staff and parents and carers to celebrate difference - at school, at home and in the community. Read more and order

  • Books

A selection of age appropriate picture and story books for primary schools which cover a great range of issues from families to being different. Read more

Initial Teacher Training 

We’ve published a guide to help ITT providers develop inclusive programmes of study so that all trainee teachers can access information on how to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying.

Stonewall also works with many ITT providers to train their trainee teachers to tackle homophobic bullying and homophobic language.

View our secondary school resources.

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