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Celebrating difference DVD

Stonewall's teacher training DVD for primary school staff

DVD faceBased on interviews with school staff, governors, parents and children, this 28 minute training DVD aims to provide primary school staff with the confidence to talk about and celebrate different families as well as tackle issues like homophobic language in an age-appropriate way. The DVD includes chapters on Families, Being yourself, Homophobic language, Homophobic bullying, Making it happen. 

How to use the DVD

The 28 minute training DVD for teachers can be watched as a whole or by combining the introduction with selected chapters most relevant to the school. The booklet includes key questions for discussion for each chapter as well as top ten tips on what your school can do and where to find further resources to help with this work. We also have a selection of example lesson plans for Key Stages 1 and 2 available for download.

Who this resource is for

Senior Leadership Team, school governors, teachers, teachers in training, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors and other support staff and any other professionals who regularly work with children

We'd like to hear from you

We value your feedback and would like to know how the DVD has been received by staff and governors. 

Please fill in the online form or download the feedback form and return completed forms to: 

Stonewall Education Team; Tower Building; York Road; London SE1 7NX 
Fax: 020 7593 1877; Email: 


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