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Stonewall's shortlist

An edited selection of Stonewall's favourite books.

The Sissy DucklingThe Sissy Duckling
Illustrated by Henry Cole

This is a tale about learning to embrace the special qualities we possess. Instead of building forts and playing sports like other boy ducklings, Elmer wants to bake cakes and put on the halftime show. He is great a big sissy. But when his father is wounded by a hunter, Elmer proves that the biggest sissy can also be the greatest hero.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Simon & Schuster              

family bookThe Family Book
Author/illustrator Todd Parr introduces children to the concept of a family and all that it represents. As with his other books, he sticks with basic principles, telling children that families may be big or small, and its members may or may not look alike. Furthermore, he discusses the facts that families may be comprised of one parent or two as well as step-children or those who are adopted. He mentions that some families celebrate together and eat together while others may live far apart. Either way, they rely on each other for love and support.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Little, Brown        

And Tango Makes ThreeAnd Tango makes Three
At New York City's Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg until it hatches.

Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Simon & Schuster Children    
ISBN-10: 1847381480

King and KingKing and King
When the queen insists that the prince get married and take over as king, the search for a suitable mate does not turn out as expected.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Tricyle Press                                ISBN: 1582460612           


space girl pukesSpacegirl Pukes
Young spacegirl is especially lucky to have two mothers and a very curious cat nearby when rocket troubles and nausea begin.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Onlywomen Press Ltd  
ISBN: 0906500877

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