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Different families

Primary school age books which look at different family relationships, with a focus on same-sex families.

abc a family alphabet bookABC A Family Alphabet book
This book celebrates alternative families with children, moms, dads as it teaches young children the alphabet.
Age Range: Early Years
Published by Two Lives Publishing  
ISBN: 0967446813


dad davidDad David, Baba Chris and ME
This brightly illustrated book for children aged 5-10 years old tells Ben’s story about his ordinary life. Ben was adopted by his gay parents – Dad David and Baba Chris, and they live happily together in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street and do ordinary things. When Ben starts junior school his ordinary life is turned upside down because some children begin to tease him because he lives with two dads. Now Ben is worried that he is not so ordinary anymore. Baba Chris and Ben’s school teacher Miss Patel help Ben to understand that children live in all kinds of families and that what matters most is that children are loved and cared for.
Age Range: Key Stage 1/2     
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering             ISBN: 978 1 905664 89 4

emma and meesha my boyEmma and Meesha My Boy: A Two Mom Story
This is a delightful story of little girl with two mums as she learns how to be nice to her cat. Follow along as Emma gets in trouble trying to play with Meesha Kitty and cheer as she learns to treat him with care.
Age Range: Early Years
Published by  

felicia's favorite storyFelicia’s Favorite Story
It's bedtime and Felicia wants to hear her very favourite story - the story of how she was adopted. So Mama Linda and Mama Nessa tell Felicia how they flew off in a big silver airplane to meet her; how they loved her as soon as they saw her; and how they named her Felicia, a Spanish word that means "happy" because Felicia was such a happy baby and because having her in their family makes Mama Linda and Mama Nessa very, very happy.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Two Lives Publishing  
ISBN: 0967446856

if i had one hundred mummiesIf I had a Hundred Mummies
A little girl imagines what it would be like to have 100 mummies, eventually deciding that she is happy with just the two she's got.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Onlywomen Press Ltd  
ISBN: 0906500915



josh and jazJosh and Jaz have three mums
Josh and Jess are five-year-old twins who have been adopted by a lesbian couple. They are anxious when their school teacher asks them to produce a family tree. With their mums they produce a family tree that wins the admiration of their classmates.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering 
ISBN-10: 1905664125

king &king and familyKing and King and Family
Newlyweds King Lee and King Bertie are on a journey into the noisy jungle. As they float down a river, wild animal families turn out to greet them but the royal travellers suspect something more significant awaits them in the trees. The illustrious pair soon discover that there is no adventure more wonderful than starting a family.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Tricycle Press 

my houseMy house
A story about a five-year-old girl, her pets and her home. She has two dogs, a cat, and two mums. A great book for all children, but especially important as an educational tool for same-sex families.

Age Range: Early Years
Published by Learn To Include 
ISBN: 0958129002


Daddy, Papa, and ME
This illustrated rhyming book shows a toddler spending the day with its two daddies. It demonstrates a child playing, living and laughing with its family.
Age Range: Early Years
Published by Tricycle Press  
ISBN: 978-1582462622


Mommy, Mama and ME
This illustrated rhyming book shows a toddler spending the day with its two mommies. It demonstrates how love can come in many ways through laughter, care and play.
Age Range: Early Years
Published by Tricycle Press  
ISBN: 978-1582462623



one-dad-two-dads-brown-dad-blue-dadsOne Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dads, Blue Dads
Two children - one with blue dads and one from a more traditional family - compare notes in this light hearted, easy-to-read book about parents who are different. In the end, of course, they discover that blue dads aren't really that different from other dads. Except for one thing.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Alyson Publications  
ISBN: 1555838480

picnic_in_the_parkPicnic in the Park
"Picnic in the Park" is a fully illustrated book for children which tells the story of Jason's birthday picnic and his guests. In so doing, it introduces children to a range of family structures, including two- and one-parent families; adoptive and foster families; gay and lesbian families; and step-families. It also shows a diverse range of adults and children. Using the device of a birthday picnic in the park, each page shows a new set of guests coming to the party Children can draw their own and friends' families on the pages at the back.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by British Association for Adoption & Fostering 
ISBN: 1905664087

space girl pukesSpacegirl Pukes
Young spacegirl is especially lucky to have two mothers and a very curious cat nearby when rocket troubles and nausea begin.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Onlywomen Press Ltd  
ISBN: 0906500877

case of the golden scarabThe case of the stolen scarab
Nancy Garden

When the Tylor-Michaelson family - Nikki, Travis and their two moms - buy an old inn in Vermont, they don't expect their first visitor to be the local sheriff with news of a robbery - and their second to be a bedraggled hiker with amnesia! Soon Nikki and Travis find themselves trying to solve a mystery that steadily grows more complicated and perhaps dangerous as well. Age Range: Key Stage 2
Published by Two Lives  
ISBN: 0-9674468-7-2

Everywhere Babies

Everywhere Babies
This beautifully illustrated book is a celebration of babies everywhere, and of all the different families they come from.  

Age Range: Early Years
Published by Harcourt Children's Books
ISBN: 0152022260



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