Books which introduce same-sex relationships and friendships in an age appropriate way.

And Tango Makes ThreeAnd Tango makes Three
At New York City's Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg until it hatches.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Simon & Schuster Children's   

hello sailorrHello Sailor (see lesson ideas for this book)
A moving story of hope and friendship. Matt lives in a lighthouse. He watches the sea every day...for ships and for his friend, Sailor. Matt is so forlorn that Sailor has gone away that he almost forgets his own birthday. His friends say Sailor will never come back, but Matt doesn't give up hope. And, after his birthday party is over, his patience is rewarded when Sailor finally returns.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by MacMillan    
ISBN: 0333987357

Jack & Jimjack and jim
Longing for adventure, Jack the blackbird decides one day to venture out from his forest home to seek the excitement of the sea. There he encounters a dashing seagull named Jim, who welcomes Jack into his life and shows him the wonders of his seaside village. Unfortunately, the other (white) gulls aren't so hospitable. "Who's that funny bird," old Captain Seagull asks. In spite of Jim's efforts to defend his friend, the villagers can't seem to get beyond Jack's differences
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Hyperion Book CH     
ISBN: 0786806141

King and KingKing and King
When the queen insists that the prince get married and take over as king, the search for a suitable mate does not turn out as expected.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Tricyle Press  
ISBN: 1582460612

Mummy Never Told MeMummy Never Told Me
What are tummy buttons for, and how do they get there? What does the tooth fairy really look like? Why do grown-ups have hair in their ears and up their noses, but sometimes none on their heads? Why do Mummy and Daddy lock you out of their bedroom, and where do they go at night?
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Ted Smart       
ISBN: 0224070010

norma no friends
Norma No Friends
Have you ever felt alone or like you had no friends? Norma No Friends felt this way, until one day she went up to a hill and met another little girl who was crying. This little girl happened to have the same middle name as Norma, which was “no”. They became friends and no longer felt lonely.
Age Range: Key Stage 1
Published by Barefoot Books  

The Princes and the Treasure

The Princes and the Treasure
This is a much awaited young children’s story that challenges preconceptions yet retains the charm of a traditional fairy tale. In the magical kingdom of Evergreen, beautiful Princess Elena tells her father she is not ready to find a husband and is then promptly whisked away by an old woman. Gallant, the strongest man in Evergreen, takes up the challenge set out by the old woman to find ‘the greatest treasure in the land’ in order to save and marry the princess. He is joined on his dangerous quest by Earnest, a shy bookworm whose mother persuades him also to take up the challenge.  Initially competing against one another to find the four treasures (the earth, the wind, the sun and the moon), the young men learn during their quest the importance of co-operation and trust. The greatest treasure in the land, however, is yet to follow as the two Princes fall in love with one another.  In the typical fairy tale style there is a happily-ever-after ending for everyone.
Published by Handsome Prince Publishing ISBN 9780991053636

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