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Primary lesson plans

Children grow up in many different kinds of families. Some live with their mum and dad; some are adopted; others have two mums or two dads. All teachers want pupils to be able to talk about their families and to be themselves at school. Here are lesson plans which will help you create an inclusive environment and prepare children for life in 21st century Britain. 

KS1: Year 1 and 2

  • Lesson plan one: "Who do you love?" Learning intention: To begin to recognise the diversity of loving relationships
  • Lesson plan two: "Different families" Learning intention: To begin to understand diversity in families
  • Lesson plan three: "The words we use" Learning intention: To begin to recognise the way homophobic and other insults operate, and how they affect people
  • Classroom activities: "Something Else" - click here to read more about the book

KS2: Year 3 and 4


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