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Ryan Ryan

Name: Ryan
Age: 18
Hobbies: football, martial arts, RnB singing, PlayStation, sci-fi, street dance

Ryan likes to be one of the lads. And when he gets together with his friends Isaac and Charlie, anyone could be their next target of bullying and teasing. But when it comes to Tegs, there are hidden motives for Ryan’s homophobic behaviour. As he comes to terms with his own sexual orientation – and his friends find out – Ryan ends up on the receiving end of violence.

Through the Key Stage 4 PSHE curriculum students should understand “that self-esteem can change with personal circumstances, such as those associated with family and friendships”.

Ryan's story

Ryan’s story addresses issues of friendship, secrecy and denial. Use this story to discuss the following questions:

  • What do you think of Ryan’s friendship with Charlie and Isaac? Do you think he can trust them?
  • Why do you think Ryan is bullying Tegs? Is he trying to deny his feelings? Does he want to be physically closer to Tegs?
  • Can Ryan and Isaac be friends again?
  • What could Charlie do to help?
  • Should Ryan tell someone that Isaac beat him up? Why hasn’t he?
  • Does Ryan’s sister know that he is gay? Why doesn’t Ryan talk to her about it?
  • Who can he talk to?
  • Who can you talk to about your problems?

Ryan's video diaries

  • diary 1: Why does Ryan have such negative attitudes towards gay people?
  • diary 2: Should gay people keep it to themselves? Is it OK to tell people?
  • diary 3: Why do you think Ryan went back to clean up Teggsy's bag?
  • diary 4: Should Ryan tell someone what happened between him and Isaac?
  • diary 5: How do you think Ryan feels now he has told Charlie the truth? Do you think he can tell Isaac?


Additional information
- Compare statistics from Stonewall’s groundbreaking national research, The School Report with data from our 2009 survey, The Teachers’ Report, to examine the differences between lesbian, gay and bisexual young people’s perceptions of homophobic bullying at school and that of their teachers. Why do you think young people report more bullying than teachers see? 


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