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Isaac Isaac

Name: Isaac
Age: 18
Hobbies: rollerblading, PlayStation, collecting baseball caps, street dance, hip-hop and ragga music

Isaac’s friendship with Ryan goes back a long way: they’ve been through school together and they’ve got into trouble together – their dads even learned to speak English together. But when Isaac finds out Ryan is gay, his confusion and anger cause him to lash out at his best friend.

Through the Citizenship curriculum at Key Stage 4 students should explore “issues relating to social justice, human rights, community cohesion and global interdependence” and “challenge injustice, inequalities and discrimination.”

Isaac's story

Isaac’s story explores prejudice and discrimination, especially homophobia. Use Isaac's story to discuss issues such as:

  • Why do you think Isaac holds such negative attitudes towards gay people?
  • Do you think he really means it? How would this make Ryan feel?
    Why does Isaac get so angry when he finds out Ryan is gay? Has Ryan let him down by lying to him?
  • Why does Isaac talk about AIDS and child abuse when discussing
    homosexuality? Why do we hold certain stereotypes about gay people?
  • What do you think about Isaac’s home life? Why do you think he fights with his dad so much? Do you think this affects his behaviour with his friends?
  • Does homophobia still exist in society today? What does it look like?
  • How has the law changed in recent years to ensure equality for gay people?
  • How does gay equality in the United Kingdom compare with other countries of the world?
  • Can we be different and still get along?

Isaac's video diaries

  • diary 1: Is Isaac right about needing to be tough?
  • diary 2: Why does Ryan get angry when they talk about gay people?
  • diary 3: Why do you think Isaac is so angry with Ryan? Has Ryan deceived him?
  • diary 4: What should Isaac do? Who can he talk to about his family life?
  • diary 5: Does Isaac miss Ryan? Can they work things out?


Additional information
- As part of a discussion on attitudes towards minority groups and discrimination in today’s society use Stonewall’s 2008 research, Homophobic Hate Crime: the Gay British Crime Survey 2008 which explores lesbian, gay and bisexual people’s experiences of homophobic hate crimes. As part of drug, alcohol and tobacco education at Key Stage 4, you may also want to discuss Isaac, Ryan and Charlie’s alcohol consumption and the impact that this has on their friendship and behaviour. 


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