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Jordan Jordan's story

Name: Jordan
Age: 17
Hobbies: football, MCing, street dance, boxing

Adopted, black, the budding footballer – Jordan is proud of who he is. But his path to a successful football career might be jeopardised by the fact that he’s gay – something he hasn’t yet told his friends and family. His friendship with Tegs takes an initial turn for the worse when he plucks up the courage to tell him he loves him.

As part of the Citizenship curriculum at Key Stage 4, discuss “the changing nature of UK society, including the diversity of ideas, beliefs, cultures, identities, traditions, perspectives and values that are shared”.

Jordan's story 

Jordan’s story addresses homophobia in sport and perceptions of gay people.

  • Do you think Jordan should keep quiet about being gay? Do you think his sexual orientation will affect his career?
  • What do you think about his parents’ reaction when he tells them he’s gay?
  • Why does Jordan cry when he comes out to his parents?
  • How do you think his brother Linus is feeling? How might their relationship change after he has come out?
  • How is Jordan’s family different or similar to yours? Do we all come from different families?
  • Why do you think so few high-profile sportspeople are openly gay?
    Can athletes or entertainers be gay?
  • Is it OK for premiership footballers to be openly gay? Would we feel differently about them if they were?
  • How would you feel if your best friend told you they loved you?

Jordan's diaries

  • diary 1: Can Jordan be a footballer and be gay?
  • diary 2: Why do you think Jordan is so upset? Was it a mistake to ask Tegs to kiss him?
  • diary 3: Why do you think Jordan is nervous about his first date?
  • diary 4: Do you think it was a good idea for Jordan to come out to his parents? Should he tell people he's dating Toby? Will it affect his football career?
  • diary 5: Can Jordan be a footballer and be gay?


Additional information
- Use statistics from Stonewall’s 2009 research, Leagues Behind, which explores football’s failure to tackle anti-gay abuse, as part of discussions on homophobia in sport. 


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