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Tegs Tegs

Name: Tegs
Age: 17
Hobbies: reading, online gaming, indie rock, street dance, tap dancing

Tegs finds it hard to fit in. An expert tap dancer, he is singled out as different and subjected to bullying - physical, verbal and mental - by others who suspect him of being gay. His friendship with Jordan encounters difficulties when Jordan makes his true feelings for Tegs known. But when Tegs discovers the weakness of one of the bullies and starts dating Molly he begins to find more confidence in himself.

Schools have a duty to ensure the wellbeing of all young people, and this includes tackling all forms of bullying.

Tegs's story

Tegs's story addresses themes of difference and different forms of bullying. As part of the PSHE curriculum at Key Stage 3, use Tegs's story to get students thinking about these questions:

  • What sort of person is Tegs? Why is he so shy?
  • Why does Tegs like Jordan so much? Do you think Tegs fancies Jordan?
  • What different forms of bullying is Tegs experiencing?
  • Why do you think he's being bullied?
  • How can Tegs challenge bullying? What options are available to him? Why does he decide not to use a knife?
  • What should be done to stop the bullying?
  • Do we think bullying happens at our school?
  • What is our school doing to tackle bullying?
  • Is it OK for boys to be professional dancers? And for girls to play football?
  • How should boys act? How should girls act?

Tegs's video diaries

  • diary 1: What can Tegs do to feel better about going to college?
  • diary 2: Should Tegs talk to someone at college about what's going on? How can the college help him? How would getting a knife help?
  • diary 3: What should Tegs do? Should he go out with Jordan? Or Molly?
  • diary 4: What can Tegs do now to be a good friend to Jordan?
  • diary 5: What should Tegs do about Ryan?


Additional information

Legislation places a duty on schools to prevent and challenge homophobic bullying and Stonewall, commissioned by the Department for Education, wrote guidance on preventing and challenging homophobic bullying which includes advice for teachers, head teachers and school governors. There is also good practice on preventing and tackling homophobic bullying and language. 

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