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Karmel likes make-up and trendy clothes, yet she also likes girls. Does she need to fit the lesbian stereotype? Ryan is one of the lads. Computer games, beer and bullying is the name of his game, yet a secret crush on fellow pupil Tegs threatens to blow his cover. Isaac, meanwhile, uses muscles and a hot head to threaten his schoolmates with violence should they display a gay attitude in his vicinity. It is down to loud and proud drama teacher Loris and his pink leotard to show these kids that they share a lot more in common than they first thought.

FIT is the feature film adaptation of Stonewall's highly successful play for schools aimed at tackling homophobic bullying, seen by more than 20,000 students around the UK.

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"Brilliant! The best anti-bullying film I've ever seen. Should make a real difference."
Sir Ian McKellen

"It is honestly the best resource that I ever found in the ten years that I have been teaching."
Community Comprehensive Head of RE

"A truly excellent resource. All our students responded well."
Secondary School Teacher

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