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This teaching pack for Key Stages 3 and 4 include ideas on how to integrate lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in PSHE, English, Modern Languages, History, Geography, Sciences and Religious Education. It also highlights links with the National Curriculum and answers FAQ. Download the leaflets for different subjects and additional example lesson plans below.

Before we begin

'The gay thing' is just one more thing to worry about when you're already overloaded with things to worry about. Besides, you might be thinking, isn't being gay a bit adult for school? Isn't it about sex and grown-up lifestyles?
To find out why you should bother - download the
 Before we begin leaflet. 


Is being gay a choice? How many gay and lesbian people are there? We don't have any gay pupils at our school. What's the whole gay thing got to do with us?
To find out what the answers are, download the FAQ leaflet.


If there's one subject where 'the gay thing' really needs to be tackled, it's PSHE. For gay students in your school, it can be a lifeline, or a route to feeling OK with themselves.
To find out more download the
 PSHE leaflet. 


If there's one subject where pupils come to explore their feelings and put some thought into other people's lives, it's English Literature.
By exposing them to poetry, novels and plays from other cultures and other times, you give space to their imaginations, their empathies and their understanding of other human beings.
To find out how to do that, download the English leaflet.

Modern Languages

Learning about other countries where things are done differently and people think in a different way is eye-opening for many pupils. As well as asking how to get to the library and how to talk about their weekend, pupils learn that other people can seem different and that's OK. Exciting even.
To find out more, download the Modern Languages leaflet.


It's very easy to airbrush 'the gay thing' out of history. It can also seem like a good way of avoiding trouble in lessons to ignore the sexuality of great men and women and to breeze over different historical attitudes to homosexuality.
To find out more, download the
 History leaflet.


As well as teaching students about the formation and development of places and landscapes, geography also provides the opportunity to learn about the relationship between people and their environment, as well as the link between economies, societies and environments.
To find out more, download the
 Geography leaflet.


As the teaching of science or biology lends itself to discussion of human and animal behaviour, it is the subject where sex, reproduction and by extension homosexuality can be discussed naturally as part of the curriculum.
To find out more, download the Science leaflet.

Religious Education

Religious Education is arguably the subject where misunderstandings, misreadings and general prejudice dressed up as faith can be tackled best. It's also the subject where teachers might feel most strongly that it's a minefield they're unprepared to enter.
To find out how to enter safely, download the Religious Education leaflet.

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