Education for All Conference 2014

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Best practice workshops

Morning options:

1 | Including different families in primary schools: how to use FREE   
Families come in all different shapes and sizes and there are now around 20,000 same-sex parent families in Britain. This practical workshop explored how to use Stonewall's new DVD for primary schools and Different Families materials to talk about stereotypes, bullying and celebrating difference in the classroom.
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2 | 'Using 'gay' the right way': Tackling homophobic language 
The School Report, 2012, revealed that almost all lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils hear phrases like ‘that’s so gay’ in school and that homophobic language has a harmful impact on their education and wellbeing. This workshop looked at successful strategies  to challenge homophobic language, and included an introduction to Stonewall's new campaign video No Bystanders which encourages people to check their own language and pledge not to be a bystander when they hear any prejudicial language or bullying from others. 

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3 | Protecting young people: improving mental health and wellbeing 
Homophobic bullying has a negative impact on the mental health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people, with alarming rates of depression, self-harm and attempted suicide. This workshop explored the vital role that schools, colleges, universities and local authorities can play to make sure that every student can make the most of their education.  

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4 | Theatre in Education: a tool for tackling discrimination  
Theatre in Education (TiE) is an innovative and effective way to explore social and cultural issues such as difference and diversity in school, and a great way to involve young people. This practical session looked at how schools have succesfully used TiE as part of PSHE and Citizenship education to talk about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues and tackle homophobic bullying and included a live performance from pupils at Perry Beeches Academy!

5 | Building an inclusive curriculum
Most lesbian, gay and bisexual young people are never taught anything about gay people or issues at school. This not only makes them feel disengaged from their learning, impacting on pupil performance, but also means that other young people don't have the opportunity to learn about the diversity of 21st century Britain in preparation for adult life. This session was a chance to learn practical ways to include lesbian, gay and bisexual issues across the curriculum and hear best practice from those schools and colleges already leading the way.

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6 | Special educational needs: supporting every student
This session showcased the work of special schools and how they have tackled issues such as homophobic language, tackling bullying and supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual students. It provided the opportunity to learn how schools, colleges or organisations can get involved in this year's Anti-Bullying Week which centres around how to tackle the bullying faced by children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

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Afternoon options:

7 | Local authorities leading the way
This workshop provided an opportunity to hear from Stonewall Education Champions on a range of topics, including how to support schools and the wider community to tackle homophobia and support lesbian, gay and bisexual young people.  

8 | Tackling homophobia in sport
All too often, young people are deterred from participating in the activities and sports they enjoy because they fear homophobic bullying. This workshop looked at how to tackle stereotypes in sport, successful initatives to tackle homophobia in schools and sports clubs and how schools, colleges and universities can take steps to begin this work.

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9 | Faith and cultural beliefs: beyond tolerance 
Is there really a conflict between work to tackle homophobic bullying and religious and cultural beliefs? This session explored the way schools, local authorities and others have gone beyond attempting to 'balance' religious beliefs and sexual orientation, by instead drawing on shared values of celebrating all types of difference and diversity.

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10 | Staying Safe Online 
The internet provides fantastic opportunities for young people to interact with one another and plays an increasingly important part in their education and learning. However, going online also presents real risks - from sexting to cyberbullying. Gay young people can be more vulnerable to these risks either because they aren't receiving support in school or college or because they want to explore their sexual orientation anonymously. This session looked at how to make sure all young people, including gay young people, are equipped to stay safe online as well as how to use the internet as a tool for education.

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11 | Supporting gay students and setting up youth groups
The School Report 2012 revealed that most lesbian, gay and bisexual young people don't feel they have an adult to talk to about being gay either at school or at home. Meanwhile, many teachers wouldn't feel confident supporting a gay young person or a student who came out to them. This session looked at practical ways to support gay students in schools and colleges as well as how to set up a successful youth group or gay-straight alliance to champion anti-bullying work and provide peer support.

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12| Celebrating difference in primary schools: what next?
A masterclass in tackling homophobia and celebrating difference in primary schools.This session was aimed at those schools who are already doing and looking to become leaders in this area. The session explored the latest and innovative best practice, including how to work with secondary schools and involve the wider school and local community in this work.

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